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carefresh Complete Pet Bedding, 60 L, Natural
$14.49 $21.99
Natural without Compromise carefresh custom natural paper bedding is designed specially for small animals and made from 100% sustainable and renewable wood fibers, never any post-consumer waste paper just shredded and put into a bag. All of our bedding products are also 100% biodegradable and compostable, so you get superior performance along with a product that's good for your pet and good for the planet....
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Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer Formula Stain & Residue Eliminator,
$2.87 $16.19
Urine Destoyer...
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IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield and Scoop, Blue
$3.99 $12.99
The IRIS Litter Box with Shield and Scoop has an extra-tall shield on 3 sides to help contain litter scatter and spray while the deep pan design keeps litter in and dirt out. It also provides a semi-private space for your cat! High-polished interior surfaces makes cleaning a snap and the open top offers easy accessibility. Recessed bottoms and molded-in feet keep litter box in place. All-around molded-in rims add strength and stability. It comes with our matching litter scoop for easy cleaning; scoop is designed to fit anywhere in the pan....
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Natures Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor, 1 Gallon
$16.03 $44.56
Nature's Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor Remover, the pet stain & odor fighting brand you trust because it works. Nature's Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor Remover combines the best cleaning technologies to create the most effective, pet safe formula available. This advance oxygen infused, bio-enzymatic formula deeply penetrates to eliminate tough pet stains and odors including pet urine, feces and vomit, discouraging the growth of bacteria and germs. This dual-action Pet-Block System removes pheromones, attractant scents naturally released by pets, and destroys odors on contact to prevent re-soili...
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TaoTronics TT-FL001 Pets Urine and Stains Detector 12 Ultraviolet
The TaoTronics TT-FL001 handheld UV Flashlight is well built, inexpensive, and effective. clearly shows urine stains, invisible food stains on the floor and table, and UV-sensitive markings on currency and official identification cards, including passports. With 12 brighter ultraviolet LED lights, the Blacklight flashlight shows fluorescence staining more clearly. In addition, please be also pay attention tht Notes: 1. If the ultraviolet led flashlight does not turn on, please check batteries and battery case whether they are installed correctly(e.g. with correct polarity); 2. The ultrav...
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Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover, Lavender Scent, 32-Ounce
$4.49 $7.99
Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover has a pleasant tropical bloom scent. With its bio-enzymatic formula, it completely eliminates stains and odors caused by puppies and dogs including urine, feces, food and dog messes that are difficult to remove. Can also be used full strength before laundering to eliminate odor and stains on washables....
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Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay Food for Pets, 60-Ounce
$11.04 $11.73
Kaytee Wafer Cut Timothy Hay complements any Kaytee fortified food. The unique wafer shape is easy to use and creates less mess....
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Oxbow Regal Rat Food, 3-Pound Bag
$9.87 $12.12
Oxbow Adult Regal Rat Food is a low-fat, nutritionally-balanced food that improves the quality of life for adult pet rats without causing life-threatening obesity. The complete, stabilized kibble contains 100% of a rat's daily essential nutrients and prevents selective feeding, common with seed and fruit-based diets. Regal Rat was formulated by a team of professionals in the laboratory animal science, zoo nutrition and wildlife nutrition fields. Offer with other Oxbow products, such as Orchard Grass Hay to encourage healthy behaviors....
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Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover Gallon
$15.91 $32.99
Guaranteed to permanently eliminate all stains & odors - even urine odors other products fail to remove. Removes all organic stains and odors, including foods, blood, vomit, feces, grease, dirt, grass, smoke, and perspiration. Will also work on old and deep-set stains and odors. For use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, cages, litter boxes, and all pet living and sleeping areas....
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